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CSS News Round-Up: Tesla’s Autopilot Capable of Being Tricked into Oncoming Traffic

April 9, 2019

News Round-Up – Get a Quick Rundown of What You Need to Know


The Converged Security News Round-Up looks into recent reports and journalism covering converged security threats and trends affecting all industries. You can suggest articles to us on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @ConvergedSecSol. Visit our services page to learn more about the CSS suite of services, including managed security services and end-to-end cyber-and-physical protection.


Recent Healthcare Data Breach Trends

The five biggest breaches of health data this year so far in were UW Medicine, Columbia Surgical Specialist of Spokane, UConn Health, ZOLL Services LLC, and Centerstone Insurance and Financial Services (BenefitMall), according to Bank Info Security. As a result, a number of trends have been identified across these incidents. Ransomware and phishing seem to have been primary attack methods in the health industry this year, accounting for almost two-thirds of the largest breaches this year, including 76 that are not in the list of the five largest.


Tesla’s Autopilot Capable of Being Tricked into Oncoming Traffic

Researchers have discovered a way to confuse Tesla’s Autopilot feature into switching lanes into oncoming traffic, says Business Insider. This was done by putting three white square stickers on the road in the other lane, which convinced Autopilot that it was a merge area. If the action was taken in a real world situation, there is potential for a head-on collision. However, Tesla has stated that the problem is unrealistic and therefore not a concern, the article notes.


Updated IoT Malware Discovered

Trend Micro found an updated version of the Bashlite malware that adds infected IoT devices to a distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) botnet and targets WeMo devices. This version has been given new abilities including cryptocurrency mining, backdoor capabilities, and delivery of malware that gets rid of competing malware, Trend Micro says. Upon being contacted by the researchers, Belkin has warned customers to update their IoT devices with newly released security fixes. Many of these devices are smart home devices, which can pose a serious threat to consumers if infected with this new version of the malware.


City of Albany in Recovery After Ransomware Attack

After the city of Albany, New York’s systems were down following a ransomware attack late last month, many services have once again become available, says Info Security. Luckily, none of the city’s emergency services were unavailable throughout the period of the attack. However, currently marriage license applications as well as birth and death certificates cannot be processed due to the infection. The incident was announced on March 30th and more details have yet to be released.

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